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 The Mystery

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The Kidnapping of Aimee Semple McPherson

      Aimee McPherson disappeared while swimming in the Pacific Ocean near Venice, Cal., not far from Los Angeles, on May 18, 1926. Many members of her congregation searched for her along the coast but there was not trace of her. Mrs. Kennedy, mother of Aimee, announced to the congregation that her daughter had drowned.

     Police had a lot of leads, including a ransom note, signed by "The Avengers", demanding an amount of $500,000 for Aimee's return. However, a month later Ms. Aimee McPherson stumbled out the desert near Douglas, Arizona. She told everybody and the authorities that she was kidnapped, torture and held for ransom in a shack in Mexico. She said her kidnappers were careless and that is how she managed to escape and walked for 13 hours.

    After some investigation, the police did not found any proved of Aimee McPherson story. The shack she said she was held was never found and her shoes did not look like she had walk for 13 hours. Besides that she stated she was kidnapped while swimming but people were concerned about that, because she was fully clothed when she was found.

   Rumors were that Aimee had disappeared to have an abortion, or maybe she run off with a lover, and some said she had been hidden to recover from plastic surgery. There were a lot of questions raised, but it was little information provided by Aimee. The district attorney charged her with perjury, but Aimee stuck to her story, and she finally was cleared of charge.

   Even though there was a lot of controversy about what really happened to her, nobody really knows, until this day it remains a mystery. Despite the controversy, most of her followers still believed in her, so she continued to be involved in the Temple, and do evangelistic work in the United States, England, and France.



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